Get the party started with SEXY SLANG, the adult party game app of adult charades and dirty drawings with 500 hilariously naughty terms!




The original Sexy Slang board game of adult charades and dirty Pictionary is now available as an app with all new terms!   

Just like the board game, Sexy Slang is an All-Play party game app!

Teams race to act or draw the same term at the same time. Everyone is involved in each round of play so there is no boring down time waiting for your turn.   

Adult Party Game App - Sexy Slang
Adult Games of Dirty Words

The Sexy Slang game has up to 500 cards featuring hilariously dirty AND flirty words.

Some of the words are easy to draw like Mile High Club...

...And others will prove hilarious as your teammates struggle to draw Heat Seeking Moisture Missile or act out something like Reverse Piggyback or Little Man in the Boat.


Don't know what a Love Button is? What about a Chocolate Starfish? Sometimes you will come across a Sexy Slang term that you don't know.

Not to Worry!! The Sexy Slang party game app comes with a Sexy Dictionary!!

Just press the "Show Definition" button and you will get a playful (yet accurate!) description of each word created with the sole intention of making you laugh! 

Sexy Dictionary by Sexy Slang
Dirty Pictionary

Sexy Slang is not just adult charades, you also get the option to play dirty Pictionary and draw out your favorite terms!  

Feel free to improvise and draw words that "sounds like" the word you want your team to guess.  Or draw something easy that will help people guess even though it might not be what the term means.  Take Booty Call or Spooning for example.  

There are also all different colors and sizes of pens to choose from. Be sure to use the pink pen when trying to draw Pink Velvet Sausage Wallet


If you are looking for a fun adult party game app,
look no further than Sexy Slang!
You will laugh, flirt and learn and ton of hilariously naughty terms. 

Sexy Slang is the perfect adult party game app to bring to dinner parties, ski houses, beach houses, bachelorette parties and more. 

You can also modify the game and play as a couple just so you can see your significant other act out something like Tie Me to the Bedpost or just have fun going through the sexy dictionary together!

Adult Party Games - Sexy Slang

Sexy Slang is great when played with 4 or more people as an all-play adult party game app where each team can act out or draw the same term at the same time.  For even more laughs feel free to sneak a peek at the other team’s drawing or take a gander at what their actor is doing.  Our favorite rule is “the less rules, the more fun!”  Whichever team guesses the term first earns a point.  The first team to 10 points wins the game.  However, if you are playing Sexy Slang, then we all know you are already a winner. ;) 


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