The official Naughty Charades board game is now available as an adult charades app and with hilarious updated terms!




From the team behind the Sexy Slang games comes an Adult Charades game that is sure to keep your group laughing all night long.


Based on the original Naughty Charades board game, now with new terms!!

Naughty Charades is an All-Play Party Game!

Both teams race to act out the same term at the same time.  Now there is never any boring down time waiting for your team's turn!

Naughty Charades Adult Party Game App

Adult Charades App

Up to 300 dirty, sexy, flirty, and just plain funny Naughty Charades cards are available for play! 

Some of the words are pretty easy to act out like Booty Call....

...And others are pretty funny to watch, think The O Face or Choke the Chicken


Some of the terms can be a bit challenging to act out like the ever popular Pink Velvet Sausage Wallet or Two-Pump Chump but they are sure to make you laugh! 

You are definitely encouraged to improvise, point to something pink, use the "sounds like" motion by tugging on your ear or feel free to watch what the other team is doing and steal their ideas!

Sexy Dictionary by Naughty Charades

Don't know what a term means??

No worries! You will learn something new with the Naughty Charades Sexy Dictionary!

Just push the Definition button.  

Every term has a playful (yet accurate) definition written solely for the purpose of making you laugh! 

Naughty Charades Adult Party Game

Play it as a party game with 4 or more people, where each team acts out the same adult charades term at the same time. Feel free to sneak a peek at the other team’s actor at any time for a little help or just for a laugh!  

Now while we don't encourage you to go totally rogue on your Naughty Charades play, we firmly believe that Less Rules = More Fun!  

Whichever team guesses the term first earns a point. The first team to 10 points wins the game. However, if you are playing Naughty Charades, then we all know you are already a winner! 

FEATURES: 300 Naughty Adult Charades Terms, Stopwatch, Scoreboard and Hilarious Sexy Slang Dictionary.

Naughty Charades is great for dinner parties, ski houses, beach houses, bachelorette parties and more.

You can also modify the game and play as a couple just so you can see your significant other act out something like Tie Me to the Bedpost or have a little naughty fun just going through the sexy dictionary

Download the App and Try it for Free!


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