Sexy Slang Party Games, Apps and Books are all about making people laugh, and getting the party started.

Sexy Slang products include:

  • The Brand New NAUGHTY CHARADES APP - Based on the original Naughty Charades board game, the app contains 300 dirty words and a hilarious dictionary.  Now available on iTunes and Google Play! 

  • The Sexy Slang and PervArtistry Adult Party Games - The Sexy Slang game is sold out but you can still get it in its original brand name, PervArtistry!  Its the perfect party game to get people laughing.  Think of it as a game where Charades, Pictionary and 500 dirty words had a threesome and produced PervArtistry! 

  • The Bachelorette Challenge Party Game App - This combination of scavenger hunt and dirty word quiz app is a great additional to a girls night out!  

  • The hilariously naughty and flirty Sexy Slang Sex Positions Darts Game - This is an official regulation dart board but instead of numbers, players challenge each other to hit specific sex positions.  It is a great game for adult parties or for couples.  

  • Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges is a fun, flirty and sexy book for couples that will have you laughing all the way to the boudoir.  It makes a great gift for bachelorettes, Valentine's, a wedding anniversary or even a fun naughty stocking stuffer.  Get it now on Amazon!