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Sexy Slang Adult Party Games

"I'm bored with this board game."
And that's where the Icebreaker Entertainment story begins.  About ten years ago, Christi Scofield, our resident tech nerd, artist, soccer fan, bacon lover and President & Founder, was hanging out with friends in an Aspen ski house and found herself lamenting over the choices of traditional "bored" games she found in the closet.
Instead of resorting to an adult beverage-laden, ugly version of Chutes and Ladders Christi decided to improvise and create her own game.  She took elements of some of her favorite old-school games like Pictionary and Charades and combined them with some naughty terms.  Then the fun began.  That night a new game, and a new company, were born.  


Christi Scofield President and Founder

Within a short time, Christi's ski house creation, Sexy Slang, was for sale at Barnes & Noble and most every mall in America. Christi and her game were featured on CNBC, Fox Business News, WPIX, ABC News, Better TV and in Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Tampa Bay Times, Thrillist, The Examiner,  Ebony and many more. 
After the success of the Sexy Slang game, Christi thought it would be fun to take some of the terms from the game and create artsy designs for t-shirts, and thus the company expansion began.  She decided to leave her full-time day job as a fancy schmancy HP tech sales person and have a go at making this company legit. 

Starting with fun and flirty t-shirt designs like Stud Muffin and Eye Candy, Christi put her art skills to work and, along with a few other amazing artists, created a portfolio of cool designs that have made their way into thousands of stores both across the country and, now, internationally.   Her t-shirts have been seen in movies such as “She’s Out of My League”, “A Cinderella Story” and the recent Amy Poehler movie, “They Came Together.”  You might have also seen her tees on MTV’s Teen Wolf.

Christi's original Sexy Slang brand was a hit but Walmart liked some of the designs so much they wanted her to create a whole new section of school supplies for them.  The one caveat was… um… the word “Sexy” in the name doesn’t really fly for school supplies. So voila! The Sassy Slang brand was born!  Next came the Sporty Slang brand and licensing contracts and international expansion.  
The Sassy, Sporty and Sexy designs have been on products such as apparel, school supplies, calendars, beauty supplies, hip coolies, hilarious novelty lighters, iPhone cases, jewelry, magnets, bowling balls and other cool stuff including greeting cards… lots and lots of greeting cards. 

To make life a little easier and to help with international expansion, Christi has now consolidated all the designs from the Sassy, Sporty and Sexy brands into one super cool totally fantabulous brand called Icebreakerz.  

You can find Icebreakerz products (and still some Sassy, Sexy and Sporty Slang products) in a variety of places.  Check out the fun greeting cards wherever Recycled Paper Greetings cards are sold and take a look at our new Icebreakerz on-line store where we have partnered with the ever-expanding Zazzle group of products, allowing you to take an Icebreakerz design and customize it to your favorite fit and color!  Yeah!

Going Digital!

After many years of making physical products, Christi decided to go back to her techie roots and learn to be a "Girl Who Codes."  She felt that the future in gaming was more about making dynamic products that could change quickly and could have a much more diverse global reach.  Combining her art background and her tech background, Christi now has six (and counting!) apps that she has coded for her company, including the brand new Sexy Slang Party Game App!!  Christi is a big fan of encouraging girls and women to participate in STEM careers as well as pursuing an entrepreneurial path.  She is always happy to provide guidance and inspiration.  Contact her here.


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